Mirramu near lake George, Australia – November 2013

26th November 2013

2013-11-24 21.51.39Spending time at Mirramu Arts Centre near Lake George in Eastern Australia last weekend was just magical. In fact, that is an understatement. I am still trying to process all the amazing moments that happened. Moments such as meeting Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, the creator of Mirramu, who has dedicated the last 79 years of her life to dance. Moments such as dancing Silvestre technique on the lakebed of Lake Weereewa (The original name of the lake), one of the oldest lakes in the world.


I start realising that we have mutual friends all over the world, doing similar work across the globe: bringing different cultures together to learn from each other through dance. Having a group of 9 women of all different ages and different walks of life that just happened to find out about my intensive at Mirramu was really fantastic. We got to really go deep into our dance practice, and we got to explore Tribal Fusion, Silvestre technique and Choreology theory and practice based on Laban’s work. The input of everyone’s energy at the event really made it into what it was. What a great group of women we had. It was also incredible to hear each other’s background stories and how it relates to their dance background.


Being on the sacred ground of Mirramu really felt special, and I still feel the energy of the lake and the positive energy of everyone involved. And I got ideas. I am inspired! I can’t wait to create more work, and work on the projects that are currently developing in the back of my head.


Very special thank you to Lissa-Jane De Sailles for trusting that this event was going to be amazing, and for bringing me over to teach in Oz. Very special thank you to Elizabeth Cameron Dalman for inspiring me with your stories and anecdotes about your life as a dancer and thank you for believing in me. Thank you to Jessie, Maryvonne, Gabriella, Lissa, Elizabeth, Eileen, Kylie, Mara and Allison for coming to the intensive. Thank you to Jilha for taking me to see the dolphins today…

I am looking forward to teaching at Kylie’s studio tomorrow and Friday and perform at Squid studio on Saturday night, in Nowra. We got a live band and I am dancing to Bubamara! Last time I danced to this song was May 2009, dancing with 12-piece brass band Fanfara! Can’t wait to relive that experience….





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