Tribal Remix 2013… the down time

So what I love about Tribal Remix the most is the down time… The time spent with this AWESOME UK dance community.

So rather than talking extensively about how just super amazing the workshops were, or what an amazing job the performers did in the student hafla, or how wonderfully weird the band was or how kick ass the teachers showcase was… instead, I would like to talk about the downtime. As these are the things I want to read back in 20-30 years time when we are all having tea and biscuits together reminiscing about the past hehe.

First thought that came to mind when on Thursday eve Mardi suggested to have a sing along in the karaoke gay bar called Poison Ivy was: yep… this is going to be a goooood weekend! I thought that’s definitely one for memory lane, hearing the transvestite presenter saying: ‘Love? Mardi Love? Is that your real name? That’s a brilliant name, that!!’

On Friday, Tjarda and Mirjam joined the team and we all went to Mardi’s workshop followed by welcome drinks in the pub. Great to see everyone again! Sammy, Katie, Kathy, Kathleen and many others from all over the UK and Europe came along to hang out, which was lovely…

On Saturday we had our student hafla, which went brilliantly, although the presenting was a little dubious at times… note to self: get a professional in to do it! hehe. Some of the performances were so strong, I was blown away! Sammy killed it, Charlotte and Mandy were kicking ass in their duet, Catherine Taylor’s piece: sexy!, Tara: Earthquake shimmy all the way!! woo. But everyone was great, so much diversity. I particularly liked Edina’s piece also, very inventive: giving a lecture on belly dance finding it hard to stop the body from moving until there’s just no more holding back, jacket off, sequins on. I think we’ve all felt like that as dancers, heh. Are we an outsider studying a sub culture or are we the sub culture experiencing it. I feel sometimes swinging between those two persona myself. Anyway… the band… where to begin. Oh Yes! Fred, lead singer of The Top Shelf (aka Arthur Foxaque… brilliant…) told me: ‘and when you dance, feel free to spank us numerously with this whip I have here for you!!’ Charming! so I did. They were indeed some fine purveyors of filthy swing heheheh nice one!

Sunday, our show. Spectacular!! Mirjam’s first piece. breathtaking. Tjarda, your choreographies are so inventive I’m always blown away by how clever they are. Valerie, that first piece where you walk in the square, stunning! Kathy, ksssss like a chilli cigarette burn, beautiful piece to The XX, Darkstar, you rock! Mardi… you legend… Masmoudi: I love you, ladies, you were fantastic it was so great to share the stage with you again… Sundari, I had to miss your piece but I am looking forward to see the video 🙂 – and after the party comes the afterparty. Cocktails at Brighton Rocks with… 50 of us, was it? excellent.

Monday eve is fast becoming the legendary after festival party. Including dance offs, dance off challenges set for next year (Love, bring it on!), Dutch rap attempts, Emily’s face (Your Face!), Sammy’s pipe, a pitcher of Mojito’s, Bohemian Rhapsody, air guitar, Meatloaf, the Running Man, the Worm, the Robot, the Beyonce, motorboating, Steps – ‘tragedy!’ and about every tune from ‘Les Miserable’

Quote of the weekend, by our camptastic new best friends: ‘But if you are the fag hags, then where are the fags?’

And to summarise it all with one word, I am quoting the BatStork!


Tribal Remix 2013 was legendary. Bring on 2014!!

Thanks everyone for coming and I hope to see you again next  year!! 🙂backstage with Masmoudi


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