No Fear, No Doubt, No Hesitation

Just landed in Jakarta from Bali and taking some time in my hotel room to digest the last few weeks. The last few days I stayed at a stunning home, built by Muriel, one of the participants of the Colleena Shakti workshops, and her partner. To every little detail, the house was built into a dream home. I performed at her Christmas party two days ago and I got to say, celebrating Christmas by the pool is a very different experience from home! No complaints there, for sure! Great bunch of people, great food and some great conversations with her friends about their journeys and how they ended up in Bali. I am still thinking about one particular conversation that night. About rules. In our minds, travel is often linked to running away from home and eventually you should be thinking about coming back and living your life. But funnily enough, so many people feel more alive when they are on the road. No Fear, No Doubts.

It made me revisit my notes on a lecture by Rosangela Silvestre in January 2012 in Salvador, Brazil and what her technique is based on. She speaks about things in life that try to mould us; family, school, culture, religion, … Silvestre technique tries to break these moulds and open you up for possibilities. Like in Afro Brazilian dance opposed to Ballet and Modern dance, often Afro Brazilian is not considered an art. These opinions mould us. We are boxed into definitions of what is all controlled by our society. The Silvestre technique works with the idea of energy. Rosangela: ‘Take all these restrictions, turn them into energy and open our bodies to become the universe. We could still be in a box but we could leave open the window!’ Silvestre explores the idea of the universe and processes it towards culture, family, school, … instead of the other way around. Because the universe is never orthodox and never judges, but friends, family or society might. This way we suffer less and we are more tolerant towards others.

The feeling of being stuck in a place or situation is what often leads to fear. Going back to that same place or situation knowing that everything is temporary is a good place to be in. No Fear, No Doubt, No Hesitation.


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