Classical Balinese dance


8th December 2012

performance at Desa Seni Friday evening

performance at Desa Seni Friday evening



After the yoga retreat (awesome show last night, by the way!) I took a taxi to Ubud, a lovely little town that reminds me a little bit of Brighton, full of shops selling Asian jewellery and ornaments or selling yoga clothing. Vegetarian, Vegan café’s everywhere… I had a bit of cabin fever in the yoga resort, so was happy to explore the outside world a little bit. Got myself a scooter and just drove around all day.



Beautiful classical Balinese dancing in Ubud

Beautiful classical Balinese dancing in Ubud

Tonight in the evening, I went to see a performance with some classical Balinese dancing and music. Blown away! Not only by the intricate rhythms played by talented musicians and the movements of the clearly very skilled dancers, but mainly by how extraordinary the dance itself was. I have never seen anything like this, it was so different. I found it hard to relate to in a way, as I didn’t have anything to compare it with but was fascinated by the intricate movements, and was thinking: these dancers could be excellent pop and lockers! It seems to be the same technique as popping anyway. But to create a rhythm just by the use of the eyes. Now that’s really something.

There were about 18 musicians and 8 dancers in total. And 15 people in the audience. All paying $10 to get in. Not forgetting about the people at the door, I was wondering: these people really make next to nothing. It made me appreciate the performance even more, since these performers seem to want to do nothing else but their passion for dance and music.


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