Somewhere between London and Bali…

29th November 2012

Here I am again, talking about setting up that blog. I am currently flying to Bali and I have just reread what should have been my first ever blog entry. Somehow it never made it on the internet. But I must say: it is so much fun reading old thoughts. Only a few months ago I was thinking this trip was going to be impossible to fund. Now, having found some lovely tenants to rent my flat while I am away, I can relax and look forward to enjoy the experiences ahead of me.

After reading my previous blog, I am reliving the experience of Croatia and Budapest, only a few months ago, but seeming to be a lifetime away. Thinking of the few days of relaxing in the beautiful island of Hvar with some great company, I can’t wait for Bali and Thailand.

Tribal Cafe

Tribal Cafe, 29th November 2012

As we speak, (7.44pm, Thursday evening 29th November 2012), Charlotte is about to announce the first performer at Tribal Café in The Blue Man in Brighton. And here I think again: I got a serious situation of the F.O.M.O. coming up again (refer to last blog for explanation) This will be my first ever event that I am organising where I am actually not there. I feel sad to have to miss out on the dancing and on seeing my dancer friends, but on the other hand I feel it’s good to let go and see where Charlotte takes it. It’s inspiring to see that 8 years ago, Tribal Fusion and ATS was non-existent in Brighton, while now I have a loyal team taking over while I am away. I want to say a special thank you to Charlotte who has been my right hand lady for quite a few years now and that I feel very lucky to have her look after the school when I am away. Sending some good luck wishes for the show as well!

Special thank you as well to Elise who will be taking over my level 1 fusion belly dance classes while I am away, a new addition to the team. Your positive attitude is infectious and I know you will do a great job.

So 5 hours in on my journey from London to Doha and so far I have made about 5 lists on how to improve my life, my dance practise, my job and so on for when I get back home. I love making lists. It’s so satisfactory. Often nothing comes from it, but still, it’s the aspiring to improve your life that feels that you’re already doing it, somehow it becomes real because you are thinking about it. It doesn’t actually matter that nothing comes from it. I can always just make another list that time.

It’s funny how whenever I am on the road, I feel I am making big changes and get a great amount of work done. My creativity seems unstoppable when I am travelling. If I could only apply that stuff when I am at home. Too many distractions! And I am an easy one to distract for sure… SQUIRREL!!

But it’s ok, I have got my lists. I am sticking to them this time! Starting number one: regular blog entries. Blog entries that are different from ‘today I went to the beach’ but real thoughts.  For myself and for whoever wishes to read it.  I will take pretty pictures too! I promise…


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